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    Because most people don’t appear to know what they’re talking about, I’m going to respond. Yes, Geometry Dash is a challenging game for all players. A level called Bloodbath was launched about 5 years ago. Riot had to try 22,000 times to beat Bloodbath’s verifier. For a year, no one else was able to beat this level. This level has recently dropped out of the top 150 most difficult levels in the game.

    Another level, Bloodlust, a remake of Bloodbath that was released roughly three years ago, took Knobbelboy over 150,000 verification attempts and a year and a half to complete. According to the official leaderboard, Pointercrate, that level is presently the 14th most difficult. Over the span of three years, 65 people have defeated Bloodlust. It’s important to remember that these are all top players.

    Tartarus, which was released a year ago, is currently the most difficult level. Only 8 people have completed the level so far. These are the top Geometry Dash players. Deadlocked is the most difficult primary level in Geometry Dash. When compared to Tartarus, Deadlocked is like beating a level with no spikes, and that’s an understatement. Players that have defeated Tartarus have had a difficult time doing it, indicating that Geometry Dash is a difficult game for everyone

    At first, the game is quite difficult, but with practice, you will become more proficient. I’ve only been playing for about 9 months and have already beaten 10 “Demon” rated levels (demons are the game’s most difficult levels). The game appears to be easier as you practice more. Note: It took me over 4000 times to beat some levels, but with constant work, I was able to finish them. Some people have tried over 50000 times and still managed to beat it.

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