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    Latin American countries open for tourists again in 2021! This is one of the greatest pieces of news I got to know with the help of the website my friend recommended to me. Regardless of the situation of the previous year and limitations with crossing the borders, some countries are ready to welcome tourists in 2021. According to, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Costa Rica are open for visitors and welcome everybody who wants to experience the beauty of the underwater world. These countries are perfect for those who are passionate about diving. Belize has already opened its borders and is waiting for more visitors. Brazil couldn’t accept the reality of a virus for a long time. But now, this country accepts only the ones with a negative test. If you are planning to go to Bolivia, make sure you have taken the test at least three days before your trip. Going to Chile, however, requires different terms for your test. It is valid only for 72 hours. Costa Rica is very selective about who is allowed to cross the border of the country. However, at this time, visitors don’t have to take the test.

    Information that I happened to come across recently on saved my time and energy. It provided me with the news concerning Latin American countries reopening for tourists to visit their places. Many of the countries didn’t allow visitors to enter the territory due to pandemic situations in the world. Latin American countries open for tourists again in 2021. Tourists have been waiting till this moment for having a chance to come to those places again. Belize reopened its borders in October and welcomed those who are crazy about nature and the underwater world. There are plenty of things to do and see, especially if it’s your first time traveling to the country. Bolivia and Chile have some regulations concerning the pandemic situation. It requires the visitors to have their tests made. And if it shows negative, people are not allowed to cross the borders of these countries. Moreover, make sure you check the terms of the test validity. Of course, each country has its regulations and requirements for this matter. Chile, however, doesn’t have such strict rules concerning the test, so visitors are welcomed there any time of the year after being closed during a pandemic.

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